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SO2/CO2 & NOX Monitoring solutions for exhaust gas

Continuous Emission Monitoring System for use on board marine vessels. Jointly developed by Teledyne-API and Instrumatic based on our 30 years’ cooperation in providing CEMS solutions.

Monitoring emissions directly in the exhaust

Low-cost plug-and-play system

The T100 Compact Marine CEMS is  supplied as a complete and tested system, easily installed and commissioned on-board.

Tested and certified CEMS solution

The T100 SO2/CO2 & NOx Compact Marine CEMS has been tested and verified by FORCE Technology test-institute to be in compliance with the IMO MARPOL ANNEX VI regulations MEPC.259(68) and MEPC.177(58) and has been approved by ABS.

SO2/CO2 and NOx Plug-and-Play solution
Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS)

Worldwide representation

Instrumatic is the worldwide provider of the T100 Compact Marine CEMS solution for OEM customers, and have an international network of suppliers for end-user customers.

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Whether you use a low-sulphur fuel, switching in/out of ECA, fuel blending, or a SOx scrubber system (EGCS), monitoring your emissions directly in the exhaust is the most reliable and cost-effective way.